Top 5 Rotton Tomatoes ratings who prove wrong

  • The recent releases off joker make most profitable comics book move every but here Rotton tomatoes rate very low rate just 69% scores but we all know the movie was awesome and set a world record
  • The second movie in over list is hellboy this movie rate very low rate bye criticized just a scores of 17 given bye Rotton tomatoes but if you ask people movie is not bad a sweet storyline perfect VFX but and hell boy get a separate fan base
  • The third one is fast and furious franchise Rotton tomatoes get very low rate for this franchise if you see here first movie release of the movie is a block busted hit but Rotton tomatoes gives 56 % scores and rate very low and the budget of this movie is 3.8 million dollars and he crossed 20. 7 million dollars
  • The fourth movie in our list is excape room who scored 50 % but movie 25% more money for his cost and people like here storyline and character
  • The last one is our list is avatar the highest gross income in all around the world after end games but criticized scores just 82 % scores it never justified the movie who won Oscar.
    Here this is the five movie how scores low due comments now if you justfied our list and comments if you know more movie

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