Today we are talking about Thor hammer

We all know Thor hammer Mjölnir we all know when someone is worth for hammer then he was got god like power these characters lift hammer or worthy for Thor hammer

1 Spiderman: In a comics war of revels Spiderman take Thor hammer which he in a fight seen of dark elves yes Spiderman is worth for Thor hammer because his heart is so pure after his uncle deaths

2 Wonder woman : in a crossover comics book wonder woman take Thor hammer in this comic DC and marvel comics book character fight each other and through this fight wonder woman take Thor hammer and fight against marvel and X man character to save his universe

3 Superman : in this crossover comics marvel and DC character battle against DC super villain Corina in this comic superman take Thor hammer and fight against might Corina

4 Capital America : we all see in avengers end game movie wear capital America take Thor hammer and fight against might thanos his bravery is too expensive

5 vision : vision is the first character who take Thor hammer in MCU movie the age of Ultron we all know vision also take mind stones in his head of mind stones power of mind stones and pure heart vision is perfect for Thor hammer

6 Loki : surprise Loki also take Thor hammer in comics book during the 2014 X-men/Avengers crossover event loki take Thor hammer and fight against doctor Doom and his army

7 hela : god of deaths also destroy Thor hammer vin Thor Ragnarok movie he is to powerful even thor got doesn’t match his power

8 hulk : the might avengers hulk also carry Thor hammer in comics book very he carry Thor hammer for little movement

9 Odin : it’s so easy Odin is the father of Thor also he is the king of Asgard power of Odin forces his is to powerful in 9 Ravel’s

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