This 5 DC character who are worthy for Mjölnir

Thor hammer Mjölnir this is not a normal hammer those who are have pure heart are worthy for hammer but in some cases it doesn’t matter here some character who well be worthy for Thor’s hammer.

1 Batman : we all know batman is very pure heart personality in DC universe he fight against evils. Batman has Very strong well power to fight against alien god and strong and greatest villain of detective if Capital America is worthy for Thor hammer then batman also because the both same parsonality for humanity.

2 hell Jordan : hell Jordan the green lantern corps member if we see the green lantern corps the main focus is Justin well power. And hell Jordan is strong enough in all lantern corps his strong well is perfect candidate for Thor hammer.

3 Thor : DC also have Thor actually Thor is a Greek god no one have any copies right for Thor so DC also have Thor The original Thor comics was introduced with Viking in 1944 actually DC first introduced Thor.

4 Shazam : the power of 5 god and almost same like Thor also we know Shazam is a kid who fight against evil. In a crossover comics Shazam also get tough fight against Thor

5 Marshall man Hunter : the character is so underrated in DC comics we all know the origin of man Hunter was so disturbing but in some point they show the humanity like in justice comics infinite crisis where he handle tough situation and also show their Good personality.

This is my opinion if u know more characters or your fan base theory do comment down or visit our Facebook page all round talent.

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