Loki Vs Loki

we showdown 2 greatest villain for different universe its Loki for marvel and Loki form dark horse comics if you see the movie son of masks on this movie the main villain is Loki surprise in this version of Loki we see the chemistries between Loki and his dad Odin. Odin is very rude to Loki. In this version off Loki he is so powerful if you see the fight seen of Loki and mask the are even match opponent mask have reality manipulation power not same as reality stone but power is all most near at reality stone so this is the edge of Loki and where if we see MCU Loki here power is so weak he just show as a illustration but he intelligence is brilliant fight against Thor and earth might hero that why Loki is fan favourite choice is yours how win this fight my opinion is Loki for dark horse comics his power level was awesome change reality is the biggest advantage of this fight

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