Dark Secrets and Nightmares Await Inside The Low, Low Woods

Dc new comics book series is now annouced it’s like a suspense series where you can see inteligent mystery and horror. This comic book series is defferent for other its

Pennsylvania Gothic.” Body horror. Environmental horror. (Laughs) I feel like there are a lot of different sub-genres going on. 

For the setting, you live in Pennsylvania and grew up there. What was it like to take those personal experiences and shape this heightened setting?

I grew up in the suburbs of Allentown. It was more farmland than in the mountains, but we would drive through Pennsylvania a lot and I would visit different parts of the state. I was always really interested in these old mining towns and these very small communities that had suffered a lot of economic loss and the complicated relationship the state has with things like coal mining and fracking. The cool kids would go to Centralia and take photos of the smoke coming out of the ground—it was very goth, or something. (Laughs)

I liked the idea of setting it in something similar to Centralia, but I also wanted to have flexibility and not stick to exactly that specific timeline and story.

Each Hill House Comics series is set in a different era, and this takes place in the mid-‘90s. How did you land on that time period?

It was an era that I was alive for, but I was not a teenager for. I’ve had to ask some questions on Twitter: “If you were a teen in the ‘90s…” I wanted it to be pre-cell phone, because I feel cell phones take the drama out of certain kinds of narratives.

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