Why birds of prey not hit

There are several reasons birds of prey is not hit

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Top are 5 reasons

1 marketing

The market team of dc does create any special to make people interested infections and a causal marketing for this movie

2 No male lead actor

Actually it’s true most of the people watching male leading actor movie where a female lead actress get less important then male lead female need extraordinary hard work for proved them self

3 weak villain portrayed

In this birds of prey movie the portray of Black Mask is very weak. We all know black mask is a very important villain of dc but in this movie black mask is seems weaker

4 proper screenplay

In this movie Margot Robbie play very beautiful role but on other hand other birds of prey members are seems properly in this movie

5 suicide squad bad impact

We all know suicide squad is a Big disappointment for fan. Here birds of prey face backlash of suicide squad this is one off the results why birds of prey is not earn commercial success

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