The Amazo Virus in dc comics

The Amazo Virus in dc are created bye lex Luthor to attack white House and get control of usa. He also attempt on Superman but Krypton disease resistance left him with little effect and no recollection of this having occurred at all. When exposed to humans who have received superhuman powers, it apparently first removes their superhuman abilities and immunities, then brainwashes them after a short period of time. He also used this virus on god’s. But in this storyline Batman save the Metropolis city with the help of Aquaman cyborg A.R.G.U.S.

By twenty-four hours later, Metropolis was under quarantine by Batman and his team also infected and placed into induced comas due to remaining in the city while trying to help the citizens rather than leaving the area to get HAZMAT gear. By that same twenty-four hour period, outbreaks were reported in New York, Boston, and as far west as Central City.

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