Batman top 5 mysterious case

Batman is one off the famous detective in DC here we talked about 5 mysterious case of Batman comics

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  1. The long Halloween : A case how is where Batman search a mysterious killer known as Holiday is picking off the Mob one by one, a month at a time, and Batman struggles to figure out his true identity while contending with both familiar villains and new faces. This is one off the best comics book
  2. Night Criesh : This is one off the best adventures comics book. When Jim Gordon and Batman work a series of murders, they begin to see a dark correlation between the victims and a group of abused children. Things get even more complicated when the city starts thinking that Batman himself is laying down vigilante justice on the abusers.
  3. Broken City : The problem with fighting crime in Gotham is that there are so many nefarious forces maneuvering for control that it’s very easy to get crossed up. As Batman investigates the murder of a woman by Killer Croc, he stumbles upon another tragedy: a child left orphaned by an alleyway shooting much like the one that took the lives of his own parents. Because he’s Batman, he gets obsessed with both, and the denouement of these two plot lines ends up not being what anybody would expect
  4. Perpetual Mourning : the storyline is moving a murder mistry a woman killed by a mugger. As he examines her body, cataloging her wounds, he recreates the last moments of her life and discovers the disparate pieces of evidence that he needs to find her identity and hunt down her killer. It’s a short story, but it does one of the best jobs we’ve seen at bringing Batman’s internal process to the surface
  5. Made of wood : guest-stars Alan Scott, the Golden Age Green Lantern. Before Bruce Wayne, Scott was Gotham’s protector, but one case that always stymied him was a serial killer who was never caught. Now, 40 years later, Alan comes back to town when a new killer has adopted the old one’s motif for mysterious ends.

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