Top 5 dark horse characters

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Hellboy is one off the strongest characters in dark horse comics. He spouse to be evil forces in the hopes of ending the world near the end of World War II, an infant demon was rescued by Allied forces.  Raised by humans, Hellboy decided to work to save humanity and the Earth from dangerous paranormal forces. He is so strong in the movie off Hellboy he showed his Power to kill Kroenen


Mask one off the strongest characters off dark horse comics he is so powerful he soon found that it gave him incredible superpowers, as well as altering his own personality to become less inhibited and more unhinged. his Power is get near unbeatable characters with his mask

Astro boy

One off the famous Animated characters we know astro boy have a strong will power a legal guardian for Astro and for the first time Astro was treated with kindness and warmth. It isn’t long before Ochanomizu becomes aware of the full scope of his powers and abilities and that Astro is capable of feeling emotion. Astro soon after decided to use his powers to benefit mankind and help people. Eventually, a robotic family was created for Astro, including a mother, father, brother, and sister.


A character have a metal suite like ironman he is the main member of dark horse universe his is an Invisibility, Intangibility characters in dark horse comics


The Ghost is a super-heroine in the Dark horse Universes and is one of the character who remained after the end of the original Dark Horse Universe to her own continuity.

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