Some of the famous image comics book characters

  • PITT : The characters which is look like hulk and Wolverine one off the strongest characters in image comics. Pitt is a mix between an alien and a human, with the nose of Voldemort and the claws of Lady Deathstrike. Strength, durability, and berserker rages are not the only powers in his arsenal. He also has mind powers. Mind powers. Pitt combines both mental and physical superhuman abilities.
  • JACKSON DANE : a characters which have a golden army suit and deal with image comics villain Venom in the series of Wetworks he will be a part of a superhero team called symbiote wearing agent
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  • The maxx : the maxx a demon like characters but a strong superhero he is strong and faster. The max is so famous characters in image comics his author Sam kieth and tony kelly does get the maxx is so famous character. Here famous comics book are the maxx Julie winters mr gone

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