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When Michael Rhodes disappeared one year before the events of the comic, no one would have guessed that he’d reappear just one year later as a fully grown man. But not just a man, a warrior. Having been teleported into a magical realm and told he would be the warrior chosen to save their world, Michael immediately begins training to become the warrior of legend. There’s only one problem with this whole scenario, Mikey doesn’t want any of this. Mikey wants what all young children want, to be outside, to play with his brother, to spend time with his family. And when the God-King Lore, whom Mikey is meant to destroy, offers Mikey a chance to go home (on one condition, of course), Mikey takes it.

Red Mist

While saying that Chris Genovese (AKA Red Mist) was ever a hero is a bit of a stretch, that doesn’t make his betrayal of Kick-ass, Big Daddy, and Hit-girl any easier to take. As Red Mist had previously flirted with the idea of being a hero, like many kids his age, when he finally dove into the black inky waters of villainy, he found that villainy is apparently hereditary.

God (Spawn)

The God that plays antagonist to Spawn may not be the one above all, the alpha and the omega, the creator of all things. He is, however, the creator of humankind and his immortal feud with his cosmic twin, Satan, will likely bring about the end of the world. Nothing says villain like willing to throw away all of the human race just because of a little sibling rivalry. Fortunately for Earth, however, Spawn was around to give God the ole one-two and utterly dominate the armies both he and Satan had built to destroy each other– and everything else with them. Unfortunately for Earth, in the process of tearing Satan and God down a peg, Spawn devastated the Earth in the process.

Solar Man (Savage Dragon)

While Solar Man very clearly follows the archetype laid out by the man of steel himself, the similarities don’t end with his powers. Much like Superman in the Injustice timeline, Solar Man eventually grew to a point in his hero career where he had simply had enough. He was powerful enough that he could take over the world and introduce a strict zero-tolerance policy when it comes to crime. After being wished out of existence by Sargeant Marvel using the God gun and unwished after it broke, Solar Man did make a bit of recovery after being resurrected. But once a homicidal maniac with a messiah complex always a homicidal maniac with a messiah complex. 

Petra (Deadly Class)

Like most, if not all, of the characters in Rick Remender’s Deadly Class, Petra was never a hero in the traditional sense. She was simply a young girl in a tough situation trying to do her best to make it through the madness that is King’s Dominion. That is until finals came around and Master Lin issued those three words. Kill the rats. Finals at King’s Dominion are like nothing else these kids will ever experience. Many students, including Saya and Marcus, were forced to do things that they would’ve never imagined. However, it’s not simply the fact that Petra kills Billy that hurts so much, it’s how she kills him.

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