Does joker love Harley Quinn

Joker and Harley share a toxic relationship or one side love it does matter how love most but in some comic we see joker soft Conner for Harley Quinn if you see joker other fellow members joker kill everyone but he doesn’t kill Harley ya he used Harley but he never kill Harley and in one point joker said to Batman he can’t live without you Batman complaint joker as some relationship between Harley and joker sharing. And both sharing a comics Harley loves joker you can buy this comic on Amazon


Bane Brock Batman

The most dangerous villain Batman ever face bane is the only character who break Batman backbone in comics and movies. Antonio Diego the original name of bane who is created bye Denis’s O’Neil Chuck Dickson Graham Nolan and Doug Moench. In 1993 January issue 1 bane was introduced in Batman comics Batman vengeance of bane in this comics bane get proper character development and strong storyline where you can see he can break batman not just physical but mental also. Bane have superhuman strength on his body and waring a mask to cover to protect venom he has pumped into him in other placed is injected into his body, not in gas form the mask is only to hide his face and ID.Bane wears a mask because when he was helping the girl to escape the prison long ago

Black mask origen story

Black mask debut in 1985 batman comic #386 doug moench and Tom mandrake his original name is Roman he was the best friend of bruce wayan Roman parents dislike bruce wayan parents and his social care of society black mask is one off the smartest villain in DC comics he is not famous like joker but he is so cruel and clod blood murderer he killed his family after he graduated his school and he kill many of his own muffy ravely

Huntress origin story

Huntress also know as Helena Rosa Bertinelli here first aprance in comics in 1947 sensation comics and also coming his own comis called the huntress she is daughter of Gotham mafia boss after seen here all family die bye gangastar he take revenge. She also get relationship with night wing and part off bat family also another huntress role play bye batman daughter Helena wayan the daughter of Batman and Catwoman and also apper in 1977 comics she train bye robin and Batman the both of huntress famous in there role and part of various comic all star comics , birds of prey and Justice society of America

Poison ivy back stories

Poison I’ve was introduced in June 1966 in Batman comics here original name is pamela Lillian isley. She was created bye Robert kanigher and Sheldon maldoff here first apprince of comics is very short but later in comics she is becomes most dangerous villain in dc comics she becomes part of injustice comics, suicide squad, joker league of anarchy, the society, the famous comics. Her power and ability are connect to natural trees planted mind control immune of toxic shap shifting etc. Here friendship with Harley Quinn is most popular in comics and tv show