Marvel vs DC

The are 2 biggest comic book giant company in USA the character the design are world famous like Superman spiderman hulk and Batman etc. Many comics TV series cartoon and movie are created bye this banner

  • Dc : DC has Star there journey in 1934 with Batman the character are still top off the list in top 10 famous character of friction. And dc have Superman and wonder woman who is the global face of super hero. Dc also started TV series first with Batman and movie and people like that series. As 1900 the golden time of DC the are very far for there comic rivalry. But today DC struggling a lot in there legacy for there average movie’s. Did DC recovery its yes I said because DC have lot of up coming projects
  • Marvel : marvel started his comic book journey with spiderman man. if you ask marvel journey the have lot of up and down but today MCU is bigger brand then his riveral DC. Stean lee is the famous comics book written is all time the created famous character like hulk thor captain america and our famous one is spiderman. As we talked today marvel is completed 22 movie with there comic book universe and the called MCU. MCU is far better than dceu bye people as marvel have lot off fan in 2000 the all credit to stean lee and robert Downey jr iron man.
  • dc marvel

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